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Lunch Break | Not Much Going On
April 29, 2008, 1:30 pm
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Lunch Break this week might be a bit boring.  We have heard news of possible layoffs where I work and everyone is on edge.  I doubt many of us will be going out for a decent meal when were worried about getting laid off.  Those worries coupled with the high price of gas has drastically cut back on the amout of times I go out and get a meal for lunch.  I used to go atleast 3 times a week to a moderate priced restaurant for a sit down lunch just to get away from the office for an hour. Lately I’ve cut that back to once a week at most.  Hopefully these layoff worries will pass shortly and relive some of the stress.


Lunch Break | Hitting The Putting Green
April 24, 2008, 11:46 pm
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Today’s lunch break I spent at the driving range and putting green working on my golf game.  I’m far from being good at golf yet, but really enjoy the sport.  I bought a used golf club setfrom ebay and started to learn how to play golf just last year.  Overall I felt I did ok but will be taking some golf lessons later this year.  I decided to take up golfing after all my co-workers joined a league last year and had a blast.  Our company hosts a golf tournament each year maybe I’ll see if I can get into it.  Im not quite ready to join a golf league but I’ll definitely hit the local course several times this summer.  I still have a student I’d that will get me a 20% discount on green fees and cart rentals which will really help. Well that’s basically all I did on lunch break today.

Lunch Break | Taking The Mower In For Repair
April 23, 2008, 6:47 pm
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Today I spent my lunch break hauling my mower down to the local repair shop to have the blades sharpened.  It was a real big pain in the @$$ getting into the car this morning.  Fortunately at the repair shop they guy helped me unload the lawn mower from the back of my car.  I usually do my own maintenance on things like this but unfortunately I didnt have a socket to fit the nut on the blade. I searched my entire storage shed looking for a stupid metric socket.   I’ll be picking up some used tools to fix this problem in the future.  Hopefully It will be done by the time I get off work.  My yard is getting really tall and its supposed to rain this weekend. 

Lunch Break | Kids Taking Music Lessons
April 22, 2008, 10:10 pm
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I spent my lunch break today researching music lessons.  It seems my youngest has decided upon being in band next year.  We had to meet with the band teacher last night to discuss which instrument he wants to play.  To my displeasure he chose to learn to play the trumpet.  I can just imagine the hours of practice in the house already.  I’ve never played an instrument and didnt realize how expensive they were.  The band teacher had several rental plans available and some pricing from a local music store.  I cant believe the price of the rental fees, I might as well buy one outright.  That’s what I spent my lunch doing today.  Since we dont have to have the trumpet until next school year It should give me plenty of time to find a used one.  I located a site with tons of listing for used musical instruments for sale.  I didnt buy one yet but will be keeping my eye out for just the right one at a price I can afford.  Well that pretty much wrapped up the details of today’s lunch break, hopefully more tomorrow

Welcome to Lunch Break
April 21, 2008, 2:18 pm
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Lunch Break is where is spend my time during my lunch hour at work.  Here I will jot down just about anything I find interesting , funny, sad, or depressing.  I dont always have time to get online from work during lunch but will try to keep regular updates to the site.  Hopefully you will find something interesting on this site to occupy your lunch hour and hopefully brighten your day.  No dont let your boss catch you surfing the web when your supposed to be working. I dont want to get anyone fired for reading lunch break druing their business hours.  I fortunately have a job that allows me to regularly surf the internet with in limits of course.  We cant use live video, music, or do any large downloads but other than that our lunch break is open to our surfing pleasure.