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Heavy Dose Of Politics
May 5, 2008, 5:36 pm
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As the race for the Democratic party presidential nomination narrows I found myself surfing the web for political news today.  With 2 big primary elections being held in Indiana and North Carolina tomorrow there is plenty of new polls to view.  There is just tons of information out there dealing with each candidate its getting hard to digest all of it.  All the recent focus on Obama and his pastor has been a big topic around the break room for the last few weeks not to mention all over the news networks.  I haven’t made any solid decisions who I’ll be voting for yet in Nov, that may depend greatly on the outcome of the Democratic primaries.  I tend to vote more conservative than most Democrats but McCain is a little more to the center than most Republicans in recent history so it may be a tough decision this year.  Its almost creepy how much Hillary has started to sound like McCain on many of this issues in the last few days.  Who knows I may just flip a coin come November as none of the candidates really appeals to me completely